Workplace Safety: Life-Saving Skills to Learn

Workplace Safety: Life-Saving Skills to Learn

A typical employee spends at least eight hours in the office. And in that period, a lot can happen. For one, health emergencies can occur unexpectedly. If someone in the office experiences a cardiac arrest or suffers from a severe allergic reaction, can you or a colleague respond? If you’re an office manager, situations like these are worth studying. On that note, you might also consider having your office personnel undergo CPR training in Central, Illinois. With this training, you can respond to cardiac arrest situations immediately. Aside from CPR, equipping your team with the following skills might also help:

  • Using AED.

    Most offices, schools, and other public areas have Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs). However, not everyone knows how to use it. This device offers life-saving intervention when someone experiences cardiac arrhythmias, which leads to cardiac arrest. By availing of AED training in Southern, Illinois for your team, you can respond to these dire emergencies in the office.

  • Providing First Aid.

    Slip, trip, and fall injuries may also occur in the office. And these could lead to serious health effects, especially for older adults. To ensure your team can respond immediately, organize first aid training in the office regularly.

  • Responding to Severe Allergic Reactions.

    Consider including an EpiPen in your comprehensive first aid kit. And conduct training sessions on how to administer this spring-loaded epinephrine shot. This medical device is the solution to severe allergic reaction cases in the office.

Your staff members shouldn’t take emergency responses for granted. If you’re looking for a training provider that focuses on these life-saving skills, you might like to consider Friendly Training. Since its foundation in 2007, the company has been providing OHSA-approved CPR, AED, and other life-saving skill training programs for businesses like yours. Call us now!

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