What to Expect at First Aid Training?

 What to Expect at First Aid Training?

First Aid training could be the most significant course you’ll ever take. In case of an emergency, you’ll have the knowledge as to the techniques on providing potentially life-saving support to others. There are plenty of reasons you can see online as to the importance of taking first aid training. However, there is not much information available as to what to expect during a first aid training. Here are some helpful guides to help you prepare on your first aid accreditation:

  • You are not expected to know anything.
    Just like having a CPR training in Central, Illinois, a great first aid training will not require the trainee to have any prior knowledge of first aid since it is a course intended for beginners. All you need to do is to simply show up on class and willingly participate in the practical scenarios.
  • Trainers are either someone with a healthcare professional or armed forces medic background.
    Their expertise will provide you with proper information which will guide you in learning the techniques needed for the training while also assessing your ability to execute first aid. Training is provided in line with the most up to date regulations and policies.
  • A mixture of theory and practical courses on the first day.
    For the first course, attendees are taught a mixture of both practical and theory. You will be able to familiarize yourself with basic life support as well as learn how to examine a casualty.

At Friendly Training, Our First Aid training course takes only a couple of hours, but it will prepare you in providing the right response and care to a patient while waiting for emergency services to arrive. We also offer CPR and AED training in Southern, Illinois. Call us today!

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