The Difference between CPR and AED

The Difference between CPR and AED

Many people can be misinformed about the difference between CPR and AED training, however, these two can be taught in the same course or class as they cover the same goal—to respond to emergencies. 

Friendly Training is your reliable training center where you can learn First Aid Training and other life-saving techniques.

We also offer CPR Training in Central, Illinois intending to teach the proper ways of performing CPR to revive a person’s heartbeat. It involves chest compressions, manually pumping the blood to a person’s vital organs and oxygenating their blood by giving breaths through the patient’s mouth.

On the other hand, AED stands for Automated External Defibrillator—a machine that helps restart the patient’s brain and heart functioning. Our AED training in Southern, Illinois teaches our students to operate the AED machine and ways to evaluate emergent situations.

Life-threatening situations will always come at an unexpected time, but make sure that you are always prepared and have the necessary skills to save yourself and the people around you.

For more life -saving techniques, please do not hesitate to enroll in our courses today!

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