RICE Method for Ankle Sprains and Soft Tissue Injuries


Emergencies never come with a warning. Injury can happen while exercising, working outside, or even simply doing errands. Pain and swelling can immediately occur as a result of these incidents. However, some will work through it because they believe the pain is bearable. Little did they know that what they are doing can cause further damage.

When one meets with first aid injuries, it is essential to know the first aid basics. Nothing beats being certified and has undergone first aid training. It is a skill one can bring anytime, anywhere, during their lifetime.

If you have ankle sprains and other soft tissue injuries, following the simple steps of the RICE method can save you. The RICE method is the easiest, simplest, and quickest way to help the healing process of the injured joint.

  • Rest
    After acquiring the injury, rest the injured area to avoid any delay in healing. Refrain from weight-bearing activities for at least three days.
  • Ice
    Immediately ice the injured part for about 20 minutes every four hours to ease the pain and reduce the swelling.
  • Compress
    To reduce the swelling and the chance of internal bleeding, wrap the injured joint with an elastic wrap bandage.
  • Elevate
    While resting, icing, and compressing the injured joint, it is vital to elevate the injured area using pillows. Make sure to elevate the injured joint above the level of the heart.

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