How to Respond to Someone Having a Seizure

How to Respond to Someone Having a Seizure

If a friend or family member had a seizure, would you know how to respond?

Although seizures can be quite frightening to see, responding and caring for a person who is having a seizure can be fairly easy.

In case you haven’t had First Aid training yet, here are several ways you can help a person who is having a seizure:

  • Protect them from injuring themselves.
    Move furniture or other objects that could possibly injure the patient out of the way. Make sure to protect the patient’s head with something soft, like a blanket or small pillow.
  • Don’t restrain the patient.
    Trying to hold a person down during an episode could cause further injury to the person or possibly you, too.
  • After an episode, move the patient on their side.
    Note: the patient may feel disoriented or drowsy for about 20 minutes. Give them enough time to recover by placing them onto their side and letting them rest.
  • Tilt the patient’s head back to check for breathing.
    Tilting the head back opens up the airways and makes it easier for a patient to breathe.
  • Call 911, if necessary.
    Call 911 and get an AED to assist IMMEDIATELY if the patient shows the following signs:
    • The seizure lasts more than a few minutes
    • The person has had several seizures in a row
    • The person appears to be injured
    • The person is pregnant
    • The person is experiencing a diabetic emergency
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