How to Handle Bleeds Without a First Aid Kit

How to Handle Bleeds Without a First Aid Kit

Your skin normally provides a great barrier to bacteria and infection. But when there’s a gaping wound on any of your extremities, there is now a huge gate inviting all sorts of bacteria to come inside.

This is why dressings are sterilized: to keep you free of bacteria even when your skin is compromised.

But what if you don’t have a first aid kit available? What else can you use that is clean and absorbent to cover up your wound?

If you haven’t gotten professional First Aid training yet, this article will teach you how you can respond to a dire situation such as this one.

Without a first aid kit, responders can use the following instead:

  • Diapers
    Disposable diapers are made to be clean and absorbent. If you’re outside and you don’t have a first aid kit, ask the people around if they have a baby diaper to spare. There are lots of parents who carry diapers with them wherever they go.
  • Sanitary Pads
    Another option are sanitary pads. These are also made to be clean and super-absorbent. If you don’t have any on you, chances are there’s someone nearby that has. Ask around to find out.

If you have access to those two things, that should be enough to stop most of the bleeding effectively while you contact 911 and ask for an AED.

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