First Aid Myths You Need to Unlearn Right Now


If you have never taken first aid training, you are more likely to believe first aid myths. When it comes to saving lives, rules and regulations have changed over the years. This is done to avoid mistakes made in the past and to create better and more efficient ways to give immediate care.

This article will discuss the most prevalent first aid myths that should be dispelled. We hope you learn something here before enrolling in one of our basic life support classes!

  • Myth #1: CPR must be performed mouth-to-mouth.
    First responders should prioritize proper and accurate chest compressions above mouth-to-mouth contact, according to experts. Only perform mouth-to-mouth if the victim is a child or if the rescue is due to a drowning disaster.
  • Myth #2: My loved ones are in good health. I don’t need training.
    Enrolling in CPR training in Central, Illinois, allows you to learn how to assess if someone needs CPR, how to calmly respond to the situation, as well as learning how to utilize an automatic electronic defibrillator.

    AED can be used if a person is in cardiac arrest. We offer AED training in Southern, Illinois.
  • Myth #3: I can learn CPR on the internet.
    CPR is best learned in a hands-on, face-to-face setting with a licensed instructor, such as Friendly Training, where you will obtain the confidence and abilities to respond to an emergency. Real-world first aid training puts your responses to emergencies to the test. Not to mention, you have access to your instructor for questions.

Learn how to save a life right now. Enroll in any of our classes today by getting in touch with our team.

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