First Aid Kit Essentials – A Checklist for Your Home

First Aid Kit Essentials – A Checklist for Your Home

Every home needs a first aid kit filled with the essential things to treat minor injuries or illnesses. It’s most especially important to have a fully stocked kit during the coronavirus pandemic.

Friendly Training is giving you this checklist to help you check on the things you have and the things you need to replenish in your kit.

  • Supplies One Needs to Protect Against COVD-19

    Keen and careful hygiene as well as social distancing can help slow down the spread of the coronavirus as scientists and researchers look for a cure. Ensure that your kits have the following:

    • Hand sanitizer/alcohol
    • Antibacterial wipes/spray
    • Face masks
  • Supplies One Needs for a Basic First Aid Kit

    Even when we’re at home doing the simplest of things, it’s possible that we’ll get into less serious incidents, like falling down the steps or cutting a finger. Make sure that your home kit includes:

    • Bandages and gauze
    • Medical tape
    • Tweezers and a pair of scissors
    • Antibiotic ointment
    • Thermometer and other specialized equipment that you may require

Be prepared for anything!
Get First Aid training in addition to refilling your first aid kits with the appropriate supplies.

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