First Aid Injuries: What You Should Do


Accidents and injuries are likely to happen anytime, unexpectedly. That is why it is essential to learn first aid techniques to equip you on what to do. One should take swift action when someone meets a mishap.

Here are some tips if you encounter these common injuries that require first aid:

  • Cuts are the injury you acquire from anything with a sharp edge that can cut your hand if handled clumsily.
    • If someone gets a cut and bleeding starts, press the affected area firmly using a clean cloth until the bleeding stops.
    • Afterwards, clean the area with lukewarm water and pat dry.
    • Apply a small amount of antibiotic ointment if the skin ruptured.
    • Finally, cover the affected area with a bandage.
  • Burns that affect the outermost skin or the first-degree burns.
    • When this happens, immediately wash the burned part with cold running water.
    • After washing with cold water, cover it with a cold, wet towel until the pain alleviates.
    • Use a loose bandage to cover the blisters.
  • Nosebleed is likely to happen to everyone.
    • Stay upright and press the lower end of the nose to bring it closer to the nostrils.
    • Lean forward and apply constant pressure for at least five minutes until the bleeding stops.

There is more to learn about first aid. That is why it is significant to undergo first aid training and be certified by it.

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