Encouraging Healthy and Safe Living


One of our professional trainers’ primary responsibilities here at Friendly Training, a reliable CPR training in Central Illinois, is how to look after yourself first during natural calamities or in an emergency. Ensuring your safety is not a selfish move. Aside from this being a practical technique, this will enable you to save others who need immediate emergency attention, such as CPR.

AED training in Southern Illinois will also teach you about the importance of healthy living. We provide you insights into how lifestyle habits and choices can increase or decrease your risks of developing problems such as coronary heart disease. Having this knowledge makes you more aware of your health and alert to potential hazards posed by your surroundings.

First Aid training programs that we conduct provide comprehensive first-aid techniques and skills which will prepare you for a wide range of situations and give you the confidence and knowledge on how to act on situations quickly, correctly, and efficiently.

Our programs are open to everyone, especially to care providers who want to enhance their skills in the healthcare industry. To know more, please do not hesitate to reach out to our lines. We will cater to your concerns and queries when needed.

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