Emergency First Aid for Asthma Attacks


Asthma is a chronic respiratory condition that causes the airways in the lungs to become inflamed. This can make it difficult to move air in and out, resulting in difficulty in breathing.

An asthma attack can become an emergency, needing first aid and urgent medical attention. This is why it’s important for people to undergo first aid training if they have family members who have asthma. In case of an emergency, such as asthma attacks that are severe, people who are trained may respond to the attack to help the patient avoid life-threatening consequences.

If you take quick action during an asthma attack, you can reduce the risk of an asthma emergency. If someone you’re with is experiencing mild to moderate asthma signs, you must commence asthma first aid right away. Moderate asthma signs include minor difficulty breathing and possible cough or wheeze. The person may still be able to talk in full sentences and walk or move around.

At this stage, be sure to let the person sit up straight, remain calm, take one puff of a reliever or rescue inhaler every 30 to 60 seconds with a maximum of 10 puffs, and wait if symptoms get worse. If symptoms do get worse, be sure to call an ambulance.

It’s important to know how to respond in cases of emergency. If you’re interested to be trained, our AED training in Southern, Illinois is available. Avoid ignorance in proper first aid administration whenever asthma attacks occur!

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