CPR vs AED: What’s the Difference?

CPR vs AED: What’s the Difference?

Part of getting a first aid training is learning about CPR. However, a lot of people are puzzled when they come across the term AED during CPR training. What is the difference between AED and CPR? Is AED part of CPR?

CPR and AED training are two different steps in the process of saving the life of someone suffering from cardiac arrest. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) acts as a manual heartbeat, keeping vital organs alive even after the heart has stopped beating. On the other hand, Artificial External Defibrillator (AED) is an electronic device that is used to revive a person’s heart when it has stopped beating. It is also used in case a person’s heartbeat is abnormal. Unlike CPR which only pumps blood to vital organs, the AED is the machine that can restart the heart.

CPR, combined with AED, can increase the chances of survival of the victim. According to the American Heart Association, a victim’s chances of survival increases twice when AED is used along with CPR. While CPR helps in keeping blood flow, AED ensures proper heart beating. Both of them are significant in increasing the odds that a person can survive a heart attack.

Both CPR and AED training in Southern, Illinois are important. Through timely assistance, you will be able to save someone’s life from a heart attack or accident. Make sure to learn about the vital life-saving techniques to increase your chances of saving someone’s life from a heart attack.

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