CPR: Do I Need to Be Recertified?

CPR: Do I Need to Be Recertified?

The card that you receive at your CPR training expires every two years. Whether you’re a layperson in need of a refresher on CPR training in Central, Illinois, or a healthcare professional who needs to renew their medical license, it’s important to keep your certification updated.

Is it required for a layperson to get their card renewed?

Laypersons such as students, babysitters, or thoughtful citizens don’t need to apply for recertification. However, the expiration dates on their cards could be a helpful reminder that they should sign up for a refresher First Aid training course. Because emergencies don’t often happen on a daily basis, your basic life support skills must be maintained if a crisis were to occur.

In contrast, healthcare professionals or employees required by the State Licensure Board to have CPR certification must renew their card every two years. Neglecting to comply with this requirement can result in some issues, including the loss of their license or job.

Pro Tip:

Make sure to renew your CPR certification at least six months prior to the indicated expiration date on your cards to allow enough time for processing and mailing of your new wallet card.

Keep in mind that in order for you to quickly respond to an emergency, consistent and up to date CPR training is essential.

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